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Colored hair

Color products to maintain our natural and coloured hair. Invigorates, stimulates and revives the color of your hair.

  • Shampoo for colored hair

    <p>Get your hair colored lasts longer, the color intensity and brightness is not lost. Colored hair shampoos help maintain all the splendor of your hair colored or dyed.</p>
  • Conditioners for colored hair

    <p>Conditioners for best results on your hair dyed or colored, managed to maintain and revive the intensity and brightness of your colored hair. </p>
  • Masks for colored hair

    <p>Professional masks for color-treated hair and help enhance color intensity and shine of your hair. They also help provide longer life. </p>
  • Treatments for colored hair

    <p>Treatment specifically designed for colored hair or dyed, to help revive and prolong the intensity of your color.</p>
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